Friday, October 5, 2007

The Junkies of Mobtown Have Spoken!

Here is your chance to post your prizes... gush over the artists.... and generally talk all things fiber all the time.

As with any forum.... we must have some rules of engagement:
  • Please, please use your own bandwith. Blogger gets a might cranky when the links steal the space they allocate to the FREE sites. Let's not piss them off... Mama can't pay for hosting just yet!

  • Upload pictures all you want... try to keep them an appropriate size (I hate editing templates and fixing wonky sidebars).

  • Speaking of Pictures.... YOU HAVE TO USE YOUR OWN OR HAVE PERMISSION TO USE SOMEONE ELSE'S. People take great pains in their photographic work. It may be on the internet to see... but that does not make it free for all to use. See this if you need further explanation.

  • Use kind words... or don't say anything at all. Not to say you can not have an issue with a product, etc... but use kindness and try to contact the person/artist directly. I reserve the right to delete any and all posts that bash or may even slightly damage the reputation of the artists/contributors to this blog.

  • GUSH AWAY!!!!! Email me if you would like to post here!

1 comment:

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